Educational Catering

Top Up Kiosk


  • Biometric Scanner/Proximity/Chip Card Reader
  • Twin Security Locks
  • Full Audit Reporting Facility
  • Wall Mounted
  • Accepts Coins & Notes
  • Dimensions: 574mm(W) x 220mm(D) x 720mm(H)
  • 15″ Vandal Proof Touch Screen Display

Sharp’s Top Up Kiosk provides many benefits to the School. It reduces queueing times at the service points therefore increasing speed of service. AllĀ users can credit their accounts, without the need for a staff memeber, Therefore making the unit self sufficient. Users who top up via the Kiosk will have the funds available at the service poins with immediate effect. At the end of the day/service period, the staff member can take empty and reset the kiosk, and take a full audit report if they so wish.