Sharp XE-A107

With its low profile design – under 20 centimeters high – the XE-A107 is compact enough to be placed safely out of sight on a cash register rack.

The front locking cash drawer features a three bill compartment and a removeable six compartment coin tray. A slot accessible from the outside of the drawer allows a quick and safe way to put large bills into an under tray storage area.

The XE-A107 bright and clear operator display is sized with up to nine digits for easy viewing.

For enhanced security only the person entrusted with the key can change the operating modes.

The reliable printer allows to issue customer receipts or journal printing.


  • Large Display
  • Two VAT Tax Rates
  • Basic Calculation Function
  • Two Void Functions – Last Item Void & Past Item Void
  • 4 Pre-programmed Departments
  • Error Escape Function
  • Flash reporting (for displaying totals)
  • Battery Backup for Memory
  • Percent Discount/Premium
  • Easy and Quick Programming