ECR Manager

PLU Editing Features

  • PLU items can be uploaded from any location that is linked to the database.
  • PLU items can be imported from or exported to a CSV file.
  • PLU items can be added, deleted or copied by range.
  • PLU item prices and selected programming fields can be adjusted by range.
  • PLU items can be filtered by description or by Department for easier editing.
  • Unit price information can be specified for each PLU item and printed on shelf edge labels.
  • Stock level information can be maintained for each PLU.
  • Download dates can be set for each PLU item, so that the item is excluded from any downloads that take place before this date has arrived.

PLU Price Sets

  • Price sets allow the same PLU item to be sold for different prices at different locations.
  • One, two or three location specific price set can be maintained for each location.
  • Twenty additional price sets can be maintained for each database, so that two or more locations can be linked to the same price set.
  • Price sets can be used to override the price level, condiment and kitchen printer settings that are defined in the master database.
  • The selection of PLU fields to override can be specified independently for each price set.
  • Individual PLU items within a price set can be configured in the following ways:
    • Location: to override the selected fields from the master database
    • Database: to use the settings from the master database
    • Excluded: to exclude this item when the price set is downloaded
  • Price set fields can be programmed by range without affecting the master database.
  • Price set fields can be imported from a CSV file without affecting the master database.
  • Price sets can be downloaded on demand to the relevant ECR location.

Scheduling Features

  • One or more tasks can be created for immediate or background scheduling.
  • Each task consists of one or more ECR jobs, such as reading sales or downloading data files.
  • Adhoc tasks can be performed immediately or delayed for up to 24 hours.
  • Preset tasks can be created with a specified start time and repeated on demand.
  • All ECR communications are logged at a system and location level
  • ECR reports can be printed automatically after each task is completed.
  • Using the optional Background Scheduler, tasks can be performed under:
    • Monday to Friday mode, with different tasks on Saturday and Sunday.
    • Monday to Saturday mode, with different tasks on Sunday
    • Everyday mode, perform the same task on every day of the week.
    • Individual mode, perform different tasks on different days.
  • ECR Manager can be used for reporting and editing while the Background Scheduler is active.
  • The Background Scheduler can be active on two or more PCs at the same time, so that more locations can be polled
  • The Background Scheduler can be active while ECR Manager is not running.

Reporting Features

  • A comprehensive range of ECR reports can be displayed and printed.
  • PLU sales reports can be sorted by item, department or stock code.
  • Reports can be consolidated by ECR, location or database.
  • Previous ECR reports can be accessed by calendar date.
  • ECR reports can be consolidated by date range to give historical totals.
  • Report points can be created to consolidate data from selected ECRs on the same database.
  • Location sets can be created to consolidate data from selected locations on the same database.
  • Batch printing lists can be created to easily print a combination of ECR reports.
  • Electronic journals can be printed for ECR models that support this feature.
  • Apparent stock reports can be created by PLU item.

Historical Reporting

  • Historical reports can be created to show PLU or Department sales for a specified period.
  • Historical reports can be filtered by date, location, PLU number, tax code or department.
  • Custom reports can be created to sort by any combination of date, location or product detail.
  • Headers and sub totals can be displayed for every block of data in a custom report.
  • Percentage sales can be displayed for the individual lines within each sub total block.
  • Estimated profit can be displayed for item sales and consolidated sales.
  • Top / Bottom reports can be created to show the highest or lowest sellers by quantity or value.
  • Transaction history reports can be created for a specified date range.

Keyboard Editing

  • Keyboard layouts can be uploaded from and downloaded to the ECR network.
  • Keyboard layouts can be edited on the PC or copied between ECR Manager locations.
  • Keyboard sheets can be printed at the appropriate size for each ECR model.
  • 14 separate keyboard layouts can be maintained for each location.