ECR Manager

Multi User (optional)

  • Two or more users can work with the same ECR Manager System at the same time.
  • Two or more users can be viewing reports while others are editing the system data.
  • Two or more users can edit different system data files at the same time.
  • Protective mechanisms are in place to prevent the same data from being edited by two or more users at the same time.

Other Features

  • User defined passwords to restrict operator access to system options.
  • Upload, download and storage of the entire RAM contents for supported ECR models.
  • ECR settings can be uploaded to assist with the installation and configuration process.
  • Automatic and manual options for the import and export of PLU item data.
  • Imports and Exports are in CSV format, for ease of use with external applications.
  • PLU sales can be exported in CSV format for processing by external applications.
  • Automatic and manual options for backing up the full system data.
  • Automatic expiry (i.e deletion) of old reports after a specified number of months.
  • Upgradeable to SharpSoft’s Stock Manager system.
  • Link to SharpSoft’s Account Management system for cashless catering.

System Structure

  • One or more product databases can be created.
  • One or more ECR locations can be linked to each database.
  • One or more of the same ECR model can be controlled at each location.
  • Different ECR models can be linked to separate locations in the same database.
  • ECR locations can be local or remote for where ECR Manager is installed.
  • Remote locations can be accessed by modem or WAN.
  • Locations with more than one ECR can be configured as Standalone or Master/Slave.

Database Features

  • Every database has a unique set of PLU items.
  • Every location that is linked to a database will use the same set of PLU items.
  • Department and Group settings can be specified to each database or global.
  • Tax rates and Exchange rates can be specified to each database or global.
  • Condiments, promotions and Mix Match tables can be entered for each database.
  • Database settings can be uploaded or downloaded for any linked location.
  • ECR function, Group and GT texts can be specified for use in reports.