ECR Manager

The Sharp ECR Manager system has been developed over the past 20 years and operates in over 2000 sites across the UK.

ECR Manager is available on a wide range of Sharp point of sale equipment from the simple to use cash registers to the more sophisticated touch screen based units.

With ECR Manager you can take point of sales reports, maintain PLUs, Departments and Barcodes as well as create Keyboard layouts. ECR Manager can also maintain Tax & Currency rates and comes complete with PLU based stock control feature.

There is also a comprehensive scheduling system available which Is capable of controlling several hundred sites from one or more central computers.

Stock Control Features

  • Apparent stock Levels can be maintained for each PLU item.
  • PLU stock levels are reduced automatically in response to ECR sales
  • PLU deliveries can be entered manually or imported from a CSV file.
  • PLU items can be linked to a supplier for reporting purposes.
  • PLU items can be linked to a supplier reference (stock code) for reporting purposes.
  • Selected PLU items can be marked as ‘non stock’ to exclude them from stock control.
  • Minimum stock levels can be specified for each PLU item

Stock Control Reports

  • Apparent stock by PLU item.
  • Stock valuation by PLU item.
  • Reorder report by PLU item.
  • Delivery total by PLU item.
  • Delivery valuation by PLU item.
  • PLU item based stock reports can be sorted by department or supplier.
  • Delivery audit by date.

Label Printing (optional)

  • Barcode Manager Software allows full control of label format and size.
  • Labels can contain graphical images (such as logos) in BMP, GIF, JPEG, or PNG format.
  • Unit price information can be printed on each label.
  • Dual prices with independently selectable currency symbols can be printed on each label
  • Each price can show the Inc Vat, Ex Vat or VAT amount for the relevant PLU item.
  • Adhoc selections or product and shelf edge labels can be printed on demand.
  • Print requests for shelf edge labels can be generated automatically when the retail price, description or unit price of the relevant PLU item has changed.
  • The quantity and selection of labels to print can be adjusted before labels are printed.