Cashless Manager


  • Reports based on account database records (i.e Balances, Birthdays, Hotlist etc) can include additional user specified database fields.
  • User definable database fields.
  • Account balances / Starting balances reports.
  • Hotlisted cards / Hotlisted liability reports.
  • Audit trail reports.
  • Account balance report includes ECR pending values if Pending Updates are enabled.
  • Account usage reports (Inactive / Last Used / Never Used).
  • Ranking points and spend report over a selected date range.
  • Purchase History reports shows which products were purchased & in what quantity, require the link to ECR Manager.
  • Purchase Ranking report ranks products purchased in descending popularity across a time period.
  • Cashless Posting / Cashless liability report.
  • All reports save their settings so they are used the next time the same report is produced.

Cashless in Education

  • Reduces the need for cash to be carried by pupils and staff.

Cashless payment system.

  • Ensures the pupils spend their allowance in school.
  • Faster throughput of pupils at the ECR when time is short.
  • Promote healthy eating.
  • Free meal stigma removed.
  • Photocopying / Printer purse.
  • Access control / Registration.
  • Combined payment / photograph and library card.


  • Operator passwords, limit the access to various system options.
  • Links to external applications (Wisepay, Parentpay, Tucassi, Parentmail, Sims….)
  • Links to Real time Coin Loader and Revaluation stations.
  • Nexus interface.

Smart cards for Retail and Leisure

For use in Golf clubs, Social clubs, Retail and Hospitality outlets, giving the advantages of:-

  • Loyalty and Discount card
  • Prepayment cash card
  • Membership and ID card
  • Door Access
  • Promote individual items
  • Happy hour points
  • Improve cash flow and security
  • Reduces queuing at checkout.
  • Birthday acknowledgements
  • Random draw facility at ECR.

Smart Card Gift and Loyalty

Either as a completely standalone terminal or linked back to a computer, the Gift and Loyalty package offers a completely portable off the shelf solution.

  • Increase customer loyalty and repeat business.
  • Points outstanding liability report.
  • Points and two cash purses + YTD
  • 11 user defined database fields.
  • Birthday / Anniversary report.
  • Points Redemption and issue report.
  • Full audit trail and hotlisting.
  • Export to Microsoft Word mail merge.