Cashless Manager

Account Manager has been designed with the help and advice of caterers, publicans and retailers. It is a simple yet comprehensive Account Management system, which can be used either linked to standalone gift and Loyalty terminal or used in conjunction with SharpSoft’s ECR Manager system and linked to Electronic Cash Register Point of Sale equipment.

As a standalone system, the user can create a database of customers holding such information as name, membership details, points and electronic purse values. Once audit information is imported from the EPoS system, up to date account balances and usage reports can be produced.

When used in conjunction with ECR Manager, Point of Sale transaction can be used to keep the account database up to date to show the current state of all the accounts in use. This information can also be used to create a Purchase History, profiling an account holder’s product preference.

Lost or stolen cards can be hotlisted at any time to stop further usage and the remaining account balances transferred to a replacement card.

ECR Point of Sale Features

  • Automatic purse refresh on Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Yearly basis
  • Award bonus points for account spend
  • Award bonus cash for cash added to account
  • Award points on individual PLU sales items
  • Redeem points for cash
  • Automatic group increment

System Structure

  • One or more account databases can be created.
  • Utilise Biometric or contact / contactless smart cards.

Database Features

  • Each database has a unique set of account details.
  • Up to 99 different groups available.
  • Hotlist/replace lost or stolen cards.
  • Transfer card details from one card to another.
  • Pending Updates.
  • CSV file import of account details.
  • Export database of account details to third party applications.
  • Set account expiry date.